Thursday, September 15, 2011

I finally managed to make something!

Of course, I was forced to do this today because my SIL's birthday is in 2 days and it has to go in the mail TODAY so she gets it on time. Not sure if I'll get her a gift on time but at the very least, she'll get a card on time! ;) Forced or not, it was nice being in my room again!

I used Create A Critter to make this card. I'm trying to use my Gypsy to weld and make shape cards but its just not lining up right. I even watched a video and did exactly what it said (pick 1 shape, make a copy of that shape, flip the copy, made sure the Y points were equal and then weld) and it still doesn't line up just right. Oh well....this one was at least better than my last one! I also used my iRock and added a little bow! I think she turned out cute! :)


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